[tmc_custom_heading heading=”About” heading_two=”Us”][tmc_we_are_green_lawner we_are_green_lawner_heading1=”Meet the owner” we_are_green_lawner_para1=”Hi I’m Tanner Puckett, founder of TruePoint. I knew that I wanted to start a Sod installation and hydroseeding company pretty early on in my life, but I needed to gain experience first. so, that’s exactly what I did as soon as I turned 14, I started installing sod in order to save for my first car. after many years of learning the in’s and out’s of the sod and hydroseeding industry, I saw a need for a company to put honesty and integrity at the forefront of their business model.” we_are_green_lawner_heading2=”” we_are_green_lawner_para2=”Slowly, I started acquiring the tools and equipment needed to start TruePoint and now we are happily providing a variety of services all throughout, Middle Tennessee. We make sure to treat each of our customers like family and uphold the highest standards in the industry, so that you never have to worry about the quality of your project.”]
[tmc_our_vision our_vision_para1=”Our vision is to be the leading provider of sod installation and hydroseeding solutions in Middle TN. We aim to set the standard for quality, customer satisfaction, and environmental stewardship.” our_vision_para2=”Leveraging cutting edge technology and expert knowledge, we envision creating vibrant, healthy lawns that enhance the beauty of our community and contribute to the well being of our environment. Our commitment is to growth through exceptional service, sustainable practices, and a passion for excellence in everything we do.” our_vision_section1_para=”During sod and hydroseeding projects this means precise, professional work, and clear communication, resulting in a lush, thriving lawn.” our_vision_section2_heading=”Clean Jobsites” our_vision_section2_para=”In order to keep our jobsites clean we regularly remove debris, organize materials, and maintain a tidy work area to ensure safety and efficiency.” our_vision_section3_para=”We pride ourselves on offering quality and reliable products that produce long lasting and visually appealing results for all of our projects.” our_vision_section4_heading=”Local Farmers” our_vision_section4_para=”Partnering with local sod farms allows us to provide fresh, high quality sod while supporting the community and results in quick, efficient delivery, without putting too much strain on the grass.”]