Sod is long strips of real grass, roots, and soil. Typically cut and sold by the pallet. It is harvested 12 to 18 months after planting. Sod is also the fastest way to have a lush green lawn. TruePoint harvests, delivers, and installs sod the same day it is ordered to ensure it is fresh and ready to grow.  

Yes, sod starts as a temporary solution laid on top of loose soil but with proper care, and preparation the roots will sink deep into the ground and the installed grass will become a permanent lawn. Uniquely, this is the fastest way to have the best yard in the neighborhood.

As a rule of thumb sod should root within 10 to 14 days of installation. In most cases, this is also the best time to begin mowing your new lawn. It’s equally as important to make sure you set your lawn mower on the highest setting to avoid cutting close to the roots.

Yes, in order for sod to establish in new soil, it will require proper maintenance. For the most part new sod will have shallow roots, which will need to be watered, fertilized, and well mantained so your new lawn will be lush and long-lasting

Absolutely, sodding is a great alternative to seeding! Unlike seeding where it can take months to grow dense, lush, and green. Sodding not only provides you with an instant lawn but also establishes itself within a few weeks.

In general, with proper maintenance and the right ingredients, you can expect your grass to stay healthy for at least 10 years after installing sod.