What We Do

TruePoint Land Management was founded by Tanner Pucket, a highly experienced sod layer and landscaper. Tanner started his journey in landscaping at the early age of 14. Throughout the years, he has learned everything from growing sod to delivering and installing it. It was after seeing the need for an honest and trustworthy sod company that Tanner began thinking about starting his own sod business. After collecting the equipment and tools required, Tanner launched TruePoint Land Management.

Sod Delivery and Installation Services

If you are looking to install fresh grass in your Middle Tennessee home’s foundation, your business property’s surroundings, or anywhere else, you came to the right place. TruePoint Land Management is the best source for sod delivery and installation. But that’s not all we offer. We have experts in the industry who can help you decide which type of grass would fit best for your surroundings. Thus, we also have a wide variety of fresh grass available. Choose from leading brands like Bermuda, Zoysia, and more.

Our Gallery

We invite you to visit our gallery where you can see our work firsthand. See what beautiful lush grass looks like when it’s laid out professionally by an expert sod installer. You can also get a glimpse of some of the advanced equipment we use when providing our services to residents of Middle Tennessee. If you see something you like, let us know. We will work with you to get the perfect grass that’s right for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Sod is long strips of real grass, roots, and soil dug up and typically sold by rolls with the soil side out. It is harvested 12 to 18 months after planting, depending on the type of grass used, and is the fastest way to have a green lawn. TruePoint harvests, delivers, and installs sod the same day it is ordered to ensure it is fresh and ready to grow.  

Yes. It starts off as a temporary solution laid on a lawn bed, and with proper care, the roots will sink deep into the ground and the installed grass becomes a permanent lawn. This is the fastest way to have a beautiful green lawn.

Your new sod will root within 10 to 14 days of installation. This is also the best time to begin mowing your new lawn. Make sure you set your lawn mower on the highest setting to avoid cutting close to the roots.

In order for the sod to establish in the new soil, it takes proper maintenance. New sod will have shallow roots, which need to be watered, fertilized, and well maintained to grow in the ground so your new lawn will be lush and long-lasting.

Sodding is a great alternative to seeding, mainly because seeding can take months to grow dense, lush, and green, whereas sodding provides you with an instant lawn that establishes itself within a few weeks.

With proper maintenance and the right ingredients, you can expect your grass to stay healthy for at least 10 years after installing sod.